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Dawn Partlow is a SmartVestor Pro with the Dave Ramsey program

Our philosophies and beliefs and how to help others with their money management aligned very closely with Dave Ramsey's teachings. As a result, we felt we could provide a benefit and service to those who followed Dave and his programs. We have always had the heart of a teacher and pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer service to our clients, and by helping them adhere to financial peace principals. No one likes to be talked down to or feel like they don't matter. We pride ourselves on a willingness to work with every referral and treat them like a friend.

A good investing professional is going to do more than pick your funds. They are going to fit your investments into your life, consider tax implications, changes in legislation, and educate you so you'll understand what you're investing in and why. If you're having a bad day and decide to pull all of your investments out, you can ruin the goals you've worked hard to achieve. Since buying high and selling low is a bad plan, a good investing professional will remind you why you're investing and encourage you to stick with your long-term goals.

These goals are very natural for us to adhere to because even before we became involved with the SmartVestor advertising program we were building our business on the same principles.

How many people would love the opportunity to live in total financial freedom - free of debt, utilizing an organized spending plan where you tell your money where to go and knowing you have prepared yourself for retirement?

Coapstick Financial Group can help guide you towards achieving these and other financial goals.

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